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Cannon Paw Run

Cannon Paw Run is the #1 sponsored program by CCC4A.

Transporting animals to permanent rescues/programs in other states is the most effective way for Cannon County to manage the high volume of stray dogs and the lack of spay and neuter in the community.

The dogs are taken to the vet for a physical, rabies shot, and heartworm test. A health certificate is issued, and then the networking begins. A CCC4A's board member then networks with programs and rescues to safely place the dogs. If a Cannon County shelter is in the future, this program is instrumental in keeping open cages and will help the shelter with constant over capacity issues.

Our rescue partners vary from purebred rescue groups recognized by the AKC, to A.A.R.F. in Cookeville, to many more rescues in NY, PA, NJ, and MD. Our rescue partners spay and neuter all animals prior to adoption. They screen potential adopters to ensure a safe, permanent home for our four-legged friends. The needs for us to continue more successful transports are gas cards, and donations for the dog's medical care to be cleared for transport.

Email CCC4A for information on how transport works and what you can do to help find their forever homes!

Save Dogs From the Streets

Cannon Paw Run has also developed into saving animals in ways much like other counties animal control agencies would be doing. Donations for a live trap and a catch pole will help Cannon Paw Run save more dogs from the streets.

CCC4A's Tshirts, magnets, and dog bandanas proceeds will go directly for the funding of Cannon Paw Run.

Transport is done by our volunteers, using their own vehicles. Some trips are short, or, once a month, there is a trip to Bowling Green, KY where our transport meet up with another transport which takes the dogs north to PA. There are also long trips when we have so many that need to go at once. Those are 24 hour round trip transports, 12 hours to PA, and 12 back to Tennessee.

We would love in the future to hold a benefit to buy a van for our many transports. It would be a really great cause, and continue saving hundreds of dogs a year!

We are safe and have a home because of Cannon Paw Run!