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Stray & Feral Cat Project

October 16th National Feral Cat Day

Cannon County has many populations of feral cats, especially around the dumpsters and businesses of Woodbury.

CCC4A will be proactive in setting up donated traps around the areas with permission from businesses twice a year, and setting traps for individual cats, as well.

Email CCC4A for information on how to help the cats in our community today.

How do you save hundreds of cats? Spay one!

If you would like to help these populations by TRAP, NEUTER, and RELEASE, here is how it works:

TRAP - You can rent a trap from us to use on your property. It is no cost to you, but we require a $30 cash deposit that you will get back once you return the trap. Before you set up the trap, call your local veterinarian or a spay and neuter clinic, and explain you will be bringing a feral in a trap. There are several programs out there for feral cats, and the spay/neuter may be at a disconted rate.

NEUTER - Feral cats ears are tipped to show they are spayed/neutered for future trapping in the area. They should stay in for 12 hours after their surgery.

RELEASE - They can be re-released back into the area they were found in, or several cats from the same colony can be caught, and moved to a feral cat station on property where they will be fed on a daily basis.

We have found new homes because of you!


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